Stannah Introduces Uplifts: a dedicated homelift brand

Stannah, a leading provider of lift solutions worldwide, has proudly announced the launch of Uplifts by Stannah, its new dedicated homelift brand.

Making its debut at Exposanità in Italy, the Uplifts team showcased what distributors can expect once the Uplifts range becomes available for order in Italy, France, and the UK starting 1 May 2024.

With a rich legacy in commercial lifts and homelifts that predates Stannah’s renowned stairlift endeavours, this marks a significant milestone in their journey.

“My grandfather and his brother Alan planted a seed in 1975 that became our global stairlift business. My aim is for the Uplifts homelift range by Stannah to be the next seed that becomes a huge part of our business and our new flagship product range,” says Sam Stannah, sixth generation family member and managing director of Uplifts. “The innovation and technology that the team has brough to market means that this homelift can fit in almost any home, solving the problems of the past and allowing customers around the world to make their home truly theirs.”

Uplifts offers versatility and elegance, ensuring it complements any home decor. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these homelifts feature light-filled cabins with discreet rail guides, striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Safety remains paramount, with Uplifts boasting a comprehensive array of safety features. From stylish wood trim on the doors to a sleek cabin interior, every element is designed to elevate the home environment while prioritising user safety and comfort.

We are thrilled by the positive reception Uplifts has received,” says Alex Wilson, Uplifts Head of Product. ” We’ve prioritised absolute simplicity, taking things from a ground up approach to make it simple and fast to install. As a brand we are in people’s homes everyday helping them solve their struggles with stairs and as a result we take making truly great products quite personally to make sure that we deliver for our customers.”

Pernille Thomsen 18-04-2024