Giving back

For over 150 years, generations of the Stannah family have passed down a commitment to ethical and responsible business. And in keeping with our family values, we like to invest in and develop partnerships at a local level.

We seek to forge strong relationships with local people, organisations and charities in order to offer time and financial support to the local community. We also aim to listen to and support local initiatives that offer help to a significant number of people. Most of our supported projects are instigated by our own staff, so we know we are supporting their communities and people and organisations that directly affect them.

At Stannah we have a passion for engineering education and aim to support both local and national schemes to reward and encourage STEM students. We are proud to support education, in particular our local schools and colleges and do our best to encourage young people to create pathways to employment. We do this through the Joseph Stannah Foundation which helps promote and encourage STEM learning.

As well as our commitment to local communities, the Group strives to engage with national groups and initiatives that foster our customers’ and wider business needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement.

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