Additional benefits for Stannah staff

The Lifestyle Card is excited to announce that Stannah are rewarding their employees with Lifestyle Card memberships. With instant access to local and national discounts, it can assist in helping their employees’ money go further.

Sean & Fiona Caruana, Co-Founders of The Lifestyle Card, commented:

We are delighted to be working with Stannah and supplying their workforce across the UK with Lifestyle Card memberships. Stannah are renowned for supporting local communities and initiatives that offer help to a significant number of people.

James Buttigieg, Group HR Director at Stannah, commented:

We’re pleased to be able to add to our suite of employee benefits with The Lifestyle Card, especially with Christmas just around the corner. The Lifestyle Card, having originated in Andover where our HQ is based, focuses on supporting local businesses and this is something we very much value. With savings now available from local businesses across the UK, we hope that The Lifestyle Card will bring a little extra help to our employees.

Pernille Thomsen 08-12-2022