Coronavirus COVID-19: minimising risk to our customers

Coronavirus is creating an unprecedented challenge around the world and we are reviewing our activities daily so that we can maintain the right balance between continuing to support our customers while minimising risk for everyone.

We fully recognise that our customer base, particularly our stairlift and homelift customers, are in the higher risk age categories. We also know that many of our commercial customers, whether that is a housing association, a supermarket or a healthcare setting, are providing essential services. Therefore, we want to take particular care in minimising risk to all our customers.

At this time of uncertainty, social distancing or self-isolation for over 70s, those with certain pre-existing health conditions and many others, it is more important than ever that people maintain their independence in their own home and that businesses can continue to supply key goods and services. We feel strongly that we should be doing what we can to keep goods moving and maintain access for people, whether that is at home, in places of work or shops. Of course, our priority is to do this without putting either our customers or employees at risk.

We have already implemented a raft of measures such as:

We will continue to closely monitor all government advice and manage our face-to-face interaction with our customers with the greatest care.


17 March 2020

fernando 17-03-2020