Rewarding Good Driving

Stannah have been given a The Gold Fleet award for reducing CO2 emissions. Masternaut, one of the longest standing vehicle tracking companies in the UK, have recognised the lift and stairlift company for making significant savings in fuel efficiency and as a result CO2 emissions.

Reward certificate for good drivingFrom around 2010 Stannah started fitting the Masternaut tracking system and now all vehicles in the fleet, cars, vans and lorries have it. The system can monitor driving habits such as acceleration, braking and cornering as well as total distance travelled and fuel used. Using data produced by the tracking system and allowing for differences in makes and model of vehicles and the time of year they are driven, year on year improvements can be measured.

26% of all the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation so any savings Stannah can make are not only beneficial to the company in cost savings but also hugely beneficial to the environment.

In 2017 alone Masternaut customers saved 230,000 tonnes of CO2 so the company launched their Fleet CO2 Certification programme which has three levels of award, bronze, silver and gold. To get a gold award means that Stannah have had a greater than 5% improvement year on year.

Martin Carter, group information systems director for Stannah Management Services, commented: “Good driver behaviour has been instrumental in gaining this award so thanks must go to the Stannah drivers who are on the roads every day of the year”.

MariaJ 19-02-2019