STEM Insight Opportunities with Stannah

As part of their STEM sponsorship Stannah signed up to Project Enthuse and are offering STEM Insight opportunities to teachers who want to gain a better understanding of needs of industry so they can encourage more students to study STEM subjects.  Stannah pledged to support STEM subjects as part of their Joseph Stannah Foundation, launched in late 2017.

A STEM placement is a unique way to gain real-life experience of what it’s like to work in industry.  This gives teachers a better understanding of what the challenges are and also how rewarding a career in engineering for example might be like.

Stannah are offering up to five placements during 2018 to teachers who want to learn more about a traditional but innovative engineering company.  Teachers will spend a week not only in the main engineering office exploring the mechanical and electrical side of the business but will also get the chance to work in departments across the business such as concepts and design, test engineering, finance, IT, HR and marketing plus many others.

The benefits of a teacher undertaking a placement include:

Research has shown that 82% of teachers feel they lack the necessary knowledge to offer careers information to their students but following a placement 100% felt they had greater confidence to offer careers information. (source: Association of Colleges 2012)

If you or someone you know would benefit from having an Insight placement at Stannah in Andover have a look at the STEM UK website for more details on how to apply.

MariaJ 31-05-2018